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tennis elbow n. painful inflammation of the tendon at the outer border of the elbow resulting from overuse of lower arm muscles (as in twisting of the hand) 同义词:lateral epicondylitislateral humeral epicondylitis

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tennis elbow什么意思,tennis elbow翻译 基本解释. un.: 网球员肘 网络: 网球肘;肘部发炎;网球手肘. 权威解释. 网球肘(胳膊经常扭动引起的肘部肿痛): painful swelling of the elbow caused by too much repeated twisting of the arm. 英汉解释. 网球员肘. 例句

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歌曲名:Tennis Elbow 歌手:Sky Sailing 专辑:An Airplane Carried Me to Bed Sky Sailing - Tennis Elbow Oh... Cell phones and travel stations Ringtones and new relations Say hello to all your friends for me Several calls are made to Thailand Wound up in Prince Edward Island And my head feels like it's ready to blow I served and scratched a rainbow

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自制 Tennis Elbow 不知道有木有人玩过这个游戏 蛮好玩的 网球类的游戏哦。. 展开更多.


elbow joint n. 肘关节 . tennis elbow 肘部发炎;网球运动员常见的肘伤. elbow piece 弯头,肘形配件. elbow pipe 弯管;肘管. elbow grease 费力的工作;重活. rub elbows with v. 与…交往;紧挨着 . at one's elbow 近在手边

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弯头用英语怎么翻译阿 - : 弯头可译成angle fittings;bent pipe; elbow; knee .其中angle fittings专指连接两根管子的弯形管件. develop tennis elbow中文翻译: 肘部发炎(网球运动员常见的伤)好转 elbow是什么意思: elbow名词 n. [C]1.肘;(衣服的)肘部2.肘状物;(路,河等的)急弯;弯头;弯 ...



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弯头. "elbow"中文翻译 n. 1.肘;肘状物。. 2. (海岸线的)急弯,曲折。. 3 ... "be out at elbows"中文翻译 破损得露出肘部, 穷困潦倒. "bend the elbows"中文翻译 屈肘. "bending at the elbows"中文翻译 肘部弯屈. "corrugated elbows"中文翻译 波纹弯角状通心粉.