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What is a Carry in Volleyball? (Full Rule Explanation ...

The Carry While Passing. It is possible to be called for a lift, or carry when passing from a platform. This frequently occurs when beginners are determined to use their arm momentum to guide the ball to its intended target. The ball can get caught in the crux of the elbows when a platform is imperfect, as well.

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In volleyball, a carry is when a player has extended contact with the ball. This can be during any type of hit if it’s not a clean, quick contact. Some people think you can only be called for a carry when you’re volleying the ball, but that’s not correct.

What Is A Carry In Volleyball? (Check Out The Meaning Of A ...

What Is A Carry In Volleyball?(Check Out The Meaning Of A “Carry” And The Examples Of A “Carry” Being Done In Different Kind Of Contact With Ball!) 1. Carrying During A Volley According to the FIVB Volleyball rules section 9.2.2, you can not catch or throw the ball. 2. Carrying During A Pass

What Is A Carry In Volleyball? (Check Out The Meaning Of A ...

The bottom line is that a carry happens when a player extends his contact with the ball. A carry is a common term in the sport of volleyball. You will find rules that are various in the game of volleyball and in case you are only a casual fan, you may discover several of these rules a little difficult to comprehend.

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In volleyball, a carry is when a player makes contact with the ball for an excessive amount of time during a set, according to Tone Sports. The exact duration that defines a carry is a judgment call for the referee. The referee determines whether a carry occurred by monitoring for several events.

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Overall the logic of calling a carry is that the players are not allowed to make excess contact with the ball which may create a tendency to throw or catch the ball during the game. So the ball should rebound from the contact point or else it will be called a carry. Here is a small video which shows some of the carry calls in Volleyball

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A volleyball carry is sometimes referred to as a catch, lift or throw. The rules for a carry are spelled out in the official rules of the game and it is the responsibility of the referee to determine if a player has violated a ball-handling rule.

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Carry: A fault in which the volleyball is held for too long of time in the player's hands. Cross: A play in which the middle hitter jumps for a one, and the weak-side hitter, having moved to the middle of the court, takes an approach for a two at the same location. Cut : an attack shot taken at an extreme angle.